Terryl Johnson



Divorce is not easy but it can be financially fair.



What to expect from a free consultation:

* Find out about the choices of process to navigate your divorce.

* Get answers to questions you have about how to get started.

* Find out if my skills are a match for what you need.

* Find out what to expect timeline, costs, etc.


Some people just need a little help and some people need more.

Terryl can become your guide as you work through your settlement options and discussions.

Call 952-431-0805 or email is a great way to connect


She can help you look at your settlement options with an eye to your new life.

Giving you the confidence to know that decisons that look good on paper today actually work for the future.


Choose wisely on who you want to work with and get educated about your choices of process.

I can work with  both of you, as a neutral or I can offer financial guidence to you as an individual. 

call for a free consultation 952-431-0805



*  Mediation on all matters of your divorce or only financial matters

*  Serve as a neutral on Cooperative or Collaborative divorce cases

*  Offer one party advocate support on financial matters

*  Offer Court appointed Financial Early Neutral (FENE) services

Mediation is a process - a voluntary, non-adversarial, process involving a trained, impartial third party. The parties, not the mediator, make the decision.  The mediator has no power to render a decision or to force the parties to accept a settlement. Because the voluntary settlement that the parties reach is designed by the parties themselves, it is more likely to be carried out without the need for external enforcement or further litigation.

Our Commitment
As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We present you with realistic and detailed projections that you can easily understand to ensure that you will be able to make sound and educated financial decisions that your financial future depends upon. We take pride in helping you know the details of your financial options. Our years of experience and notable expertise ensure that you will find a financially fair settlement that is right for you, one that you can live with and avoid costly mistakes. We want you to trust that you are in good hands and our goal is to help you feel like you can answer the question, "Am I going to be okay financially?" 

As a Mediator I am on the MN Supreme Court Rule 114 Neutrals Roster and provide Financial Early Neutral Evaluations (FENE) for many of the metro counties.