Using my skills as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and a mediator I will help you or you and your spouse examine your assets and liabilities to develop a division of property that you both can live with. I will help you understand the options concerning a fair division of assets, cash flow analysis and 20 year projections that help guide and support the financial decisions in the divorce process. After a successful career as a Financial Advisor for almost 30 years, I no longer give investment advice or sell products. I started Divorce Financial Directions to not have any "conflict of interest" when helping my clients analyze proposals and settle on the right decisions for their family. 
My clients have found that being empowered with knowledge can help take the guess work, fear and emotionalism out of making decisions at a time when making logical decisions matters most. I have a passion for helping and educating  people.

I can act as a consulting advocate for one party or as a neutral/mediator for both. I can also work in coordination with your attorney. I am on the MN Supreme Court Rule 114 Neutrals Roster and provide Financial Early Neutral Evaluations (FENE).


Helping you know your options.

I believe that divorce is one of the most difficult challenges that people face in their lives. It is filled with mixed emotions and uncertainty about the future. The more you know the less anxious you will be, and thus will be able to make better, well informed decisions that will affect your future. 
If you and your spouse are facing divorce you have important choices to make.

You can choose to work cooperatively.
Divorce is never easy but it can be financially fair!
We can offer peace of mind that your settlement is financially feasible, an objective viewpoint in an emotional situation, and expert advice about your special financial needs. We can help increase your chances of reaching a financial settlement that fully addresses your long-term financial goals and help you make logical decisions at a very emotional time. 

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Our Commitment
As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We present you with realistic and detailed projections that you can easily understand to ensure that you will be able to make sound and educated financial decisions that your financial future depends upon. We take pride in helping you know the details of your financial options. Our years of experience and notable expertise ensure that you will find a financially fair settlement that is right for you, one that you can live with and avoid costly mistakes. We want you to trust that you are in good hands and our goal is to help you feel like you can answer
the question, "Am I going to be okay financially?"